I teach, train, coach and write. My key motivation is helping people realise their potential; to live their best life!

As a tutor, I work freelance for adult education organisations, training organisations and the University of Sussex. I teach a variety of personal development courses; confidence and self esteem, assertiveness, communication skills and resilience.

I also teach professional development courses: Counselling Skills, Mentoring and ‘PTTLS’ – a course for people training to teach in adult education.

My work as a Career Coach is a result of the years I worked for University of Sussex with mature students on a ‘Career Horizons’ course;  giving them the guidance, support and confidence to achieve their potential;  to find the work and a career that works for them.

The courses, workshops and the people that I work with inspire the books that I write. I have books on the subjects of Resilience, Communication Skills, Emotional Intelligence. Two of of my books -  ‘How to be Assertive’ and ‘Mindfulness’ were WH Smith’s book of the month. (In 2010 and 2013)

As well as writing books, I write articles on personal development / self improvement for magazines such as Psychologies and Natural Health.